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  • What Frank said.

    "Just realized something. It doesn't matter if we switch maps again because we're gonna find ourselves with a dead server again eventually. If this place wants to go afloat and stay afloat, a few things need to be added or changed. Heres where we went wrong; Taking GTA-RP, Recoding it so everything says "Lifestyle." GTA-RP's gamemode is supposed to be self-sufficient. Meaning, it didn't need staff members on it to function properly or to enforce rules, because that gamemode has no rules to begin with. After all, its supposed to mimic the GTA series, and GTA is a game about doing whatever you want whenever you want without severe repercussions other than a bullet in the head. If we can go back to PERP and avoid Killslick and his wave of DMCA takedowns, heres what would need to be done. It would be easier to go back to perp and take the Racket and Delivery system with us.

    1: The PERP Economy and the Mayor
    It made sense back then; You went into any store and there was sales tax, you got a paycheck and money got deducted from taxes. The city has no money? Then the workers cant get paid. Having an actual government where the mayor can adjust the taxes to make city infrastructure flourish made the game...interesting. For example if the taxes were both 0 or above 15, you were given the option to JFK his ass. And with that risk in mind, there was always SS and SWAT surrounding the mayor. If the mayors life was in danger and a gunfight in suburbs happened at the same time, the SWAT will always be by the mayors side. If there was enough SWAT, maybe one would go over to subs to assist.

    Before I begin this section, I will point out only two good things came out of Lifestyle; Deliveries and Rackets

    Both games let you rob stores, break into homes, drive around, become a government worker, and produce drugs. The games share similar skills; such as marksmanship, lockpicking, stamina, and First Aid.

    Whats different between the two? The skills in Lifestyle and the Skills in PERP work differently. Lifestyle skills are straight forward, the higher your skill is in whatever, the better the result is for you. In PERP, Marksmanship, Stamina, Swimming, Driving, Unarmed combat, Lockpicking and Hardiness work in your favor. The reason lockpicking stands out is because you need 3 strength genes to craft and use the lockpick. This is where it gets interesting, skill and genes being used simultaneously for crafting purposes

    As most may remember, those genes allow your character to craft certain items. the more you craft, the higher your Crafting (or in some cases woodworking) is, you will be able to craft more intricate stuff. Say a recipe requires 3 strength, 4 dexterity, 3 intelligence, 4 woodworking and 5 crafting; unless your genes and skills are or above the requirements, you can craft it. If you couldn't make it, you spent money and went on a grind for level boosting. The complexity of the Skills/Genes made the game much more enjoyable

    3. What we need to bring to PERP

    Lifestyle lacks a lot granted we have a fuckton of content...mostly cars. Personally, PERP was and still is superior to Lifestyle. If we were somehow able to revert back to PERP but bring rackets and deliveries into it, I think we can make it work.Lifestyle had Evocity_v2p5. PERP ran on Evocity_V33x or V4b1. So if were on one of the PERP maps, there would have to be a racket at MTL, chop, burger king, and one the Motel's main office right by the pool.

    MTL Rakcet: you get paid big bucks for racketeering a shipping/receiving warehouse.
    Chopshop: Cars come in, chopshop buys car for cheap, parts out car for mad profit. good income
    Motel: Rooms charged by the hour, people filled with lust must commit their sin somewhere private. Bring a UV light.
    Burger King: Lemme get uhhh. simple income off of fast food. Granted the police station is right there, this high risk low reward racket will require timing to ensure the law doesn't catch on

    Deliveries: Im going to branch off a bit on this so bare with me. Deliveries made some good money, it also boosted your respect level. Depending on what respect level you had, your pay for the delivery would be raise as your level went up. Now in order to take over a racket, rob a bank or get DD prices, you needed a certain respect level. Since we are talking about PERP still, remember the Gene System and how it was more oriented towards crafting, well there was one gene that was overlooked; The Influence Gene. Influence is the only Gene that can replace the Respect skill. Here are a few examples

    Your delivering, you finally made some money for a gene, you get influence 1. Now when you talk to the delivery NPC, that NPC is gonna notice your influence is at 1. So hes gonna take that into account and boost your pay a bit. repeat process, the pay gets boosted all the way till you max your genes at 5/5. Then you get the highest pay possible per delivery.
    Now say you have 2 influence, you now have the ability to takeover a racket. Influence 3, ability to rob bank and ask DD to text prices. Influence 4 and 5 are just cash multipliers for deliveries at this point.

    Daily Objectives: You will be tasked two things every day you log in. Complete both tasks and you receive a cash reward. Examples Steal 5 cars(chopshop cooldown will lengthen the task time, making it more tedious and enjoyable) , Successfully Take over a Racket, Dont get in trouble with the law for 120 minutes. (the moment you connect, get a ticket or release from jail, the timer will start at 2 hours and count down to 0, Going AFK for 5 minutes will freeze the timer to prevent exploitation of objective.)

    4. What needs to change in PERP: Extra Genes based on Donor Rank.

    Seeing how Genes played a massive role when it came to crafting in PERP, A standard user is limited to 10-15 genes points max. Donors had one of many perks that allowed them to have more genes or even max their genes. So a standard player would have a pistol and some shitty smg on them. this made crafting certain things impossible for standard users. But theres a good reason why its like that, to keep high risk items from being ubiquitous in circulation. The fact i had over 300 C4's and 1000 molotovs made me a 1 man arsonist. "Oh theyre firing from the second story window? Iet me throw 50 molotovs at their house and burn them out"
    It costs alot of money to craft both those items, you wouldn't throw them care free knowing you're wasting thousands of in-game dollars burning someones house to ashes. However, heighten the gene ceiling for standard users.

    In Conclusion, the only way we can get back up off the ground is to go back where it all started and improve on that. But..we need a dev first." ~ Frank West

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    Well...it seems like a great idea to combine the best of both gamemodes. And if we can get a couple of the younger players to send PJ pics to Killslick, we wont get any heat from the DMCA
    Dont do that last bit