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  • Brand New FiveM Release

    Good afternoon all!

    I am pleased to announce that after a long month or two of constant work, we have finally released our FiveM QIGRP server!

    For those of you who are not familiar, FiveM is a modification of Grand Theft Auto V that allows players to join together to create a roleplay environment. As you know, QIG has always had a large focus when it comes to roleplay, first Garrys Mod, and now FiveM. We hope that this transition and server opening will open up a new world of opportunities for us, and we want you to join in on that!

    For all information and more details, check out our server post on the FiveM forums HERE

    Thank you all for the continued dedication and support to QIG as a whole, we reached our 8 year anniversary of being a community this month!

    ...and we're just getting started

    FiveM Server:

    FiveM Server Direct Connect:


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