8/19 Lifestyle Event SAT AUG 19 10PM EST

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  • 8/19 Lifestyle Event SAT AUG 19 10PM EST


    Only one day away guys! The Lifestyle Event is a little over 36 hours away and we can't wait to see some familiar faces, as well as some new faces! This is our Semi-annual event at Lifestyle that boosts some role play and works to reach out to players in a great way. The event is at 10PM Eastern Time. A Time Zone Table is placed below this.

    Eastern Standard Time: 10PM.
    Indiana East: 10PM
    Central Time: 9PM
    Mountain Time: 8PM
    Pacific Time: 7PM
    Hawaii Time: 6PM

    For players from other countries, I tried my best to find time zones that you guys are located at. Hope this serves as a guide. If not, just use GOOGLE.COM.

    New Zealand Time: 4PM Aug 20

    We will be holding an event for everyone to participate in on Lifestyle! The event will not take place if less than 15 players are on. Tell your friends about this and get them to join in! Take the poll on Discord as well so we can see what you guys would be more interested in. The Glenn, Inc. Race by Glenn is just like the Indy 500 event we had back in May. We would set up a race track going through parts of Miami, setting up guardrails for parts to help racers and guide them through the track. The Grand Prize will be a large stack of cash. For the Protest Gone Wrong event, players would role play either as First Responders (Police, Medical, Rescue) or Protesters. This would take place in Central Miami and would reward the best role players with large stacks of cash. The size of the amount of money will not be different for either event, so this poll is based on what you would like to see more. Please take your vote and tell your friends about this Saturday's event! I hope this event will turn into a success, unlike the last event which I couldn't make due to lack of player attendance. I'm counting on you guys and can't wait to see you on Lifestyle this Saturday at 10pm Eastern!

    Thank you everyone for being a part of the QIG community, and thank you for your interest! We'll see you Saturday!

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    Can we add statues to these protests?
    RP Name - Carlos Bulosan
    Steam Name - Chump
    P L A T I N U M


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      No. Our goal here is to ease the tension of everyday life, not create arguments between players that become personal. Plus if you do the research Miami doesn't have any confederate statues


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        I know I'm pretty late to respond to this, but we had a very decent turnout, and had a great time! Congrats to our winners, and a shout-out to everyone roleplaying as the first responders. Another shout-out to our AMAZING pace car, driven by Glenn McTang for the first 1000ft, and a fuck-you to the Mustang that spun out the pace car in the first TWO races, causing a 20-car crash both times.

        Anyways, I hope you guys join us for another event coming up around a holiday, or maybe even sooner!

        I will be posting events in the future on our Steam Group as well as on here. Can't wait to see you guys on Lifestyle!