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  • Bring back Lifestyle GMOD

    I know I am not the only one who wants this back

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    We've stated this in numerous ways by now. Lifestyle is officially dead as well as the SQL. we are no longer operating on a game that is almost 12 years old at this point in time. One thing many of us, staff and players alike, can agree on is that gmod brought us countless hours of fun interaction. But now the ship has set sail for this community. We packed up and moved to FiveM. What is FiveM? The developers have dubbed it "The GTA you've always dreamed of." With all that being said, we have a FiveM RP server still in the works. Its like PERP or Lifestyle, but it takes place within the whole map of San Andreas, the graphics are fucking stellar, and no one has a grav/physgun. Cars have realistic damage, you can get gas for it, a variety of occupations to choose from, and a menacing police department with mustangs in their fleet.

    Now for a bit of a rant pertaning to some reasons we moved to FiveM. I'm not gonna sugar coat it, I'll be as "frank" as I can be; Every other minute there was a /report and all these kiddies were just Reeeee-ing about all hours of the day. With FiveM, players need something more powerful than mothers laptop to run GTA, have decent graphics and framerate all while enjoying the genuine RP. This a refined form of roleplay suited for mature players, so fail-rp or rulebreaking is supposed to be not as common as garrysmod. If you prove to be a problem however, you will be thrown a ban like its candy.

    I noticed I used the word "we" a few times in this post. Let me be clear, when I say "we," I mean Andy, Josh, Jake, SirCaps and all those other fine people. I just tagged along cuz I liked the way things were going with this idea. Unfortunately since we moved to a different game, I'm no longer mod. But that's fine, it was a tiring position and i just wanna have fun now. Now I just play as an on-call labrat. they come to me sometimes to test out stuffs. Thats why I used the word "we"

    Short version: Lifestyle is six feet under and GTA V is the new standard for RP, get your new computer parts and get onboard


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      I agree with every bit of that except the last part. I have a Mac so I can’t replace parts in it.


      • Frank West
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        then save up money, buy a part, repeat every month.

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      Frank I'm in college, which keeps my salary at a solid -$45,000 per year, or $180k in debt once my 4 years are done xD

      The following is a video that explains why Lifestyle will not be revived.
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        I think its time to let gmod sleep...



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          To be real, The hype of Gmod has highly died over the past few years. It went from Gmod videos appearing of people trolling all over the place that brought a ton more players to the game just fading into existance except for those that seem to currently still play. Gmod has been a wonderful game for years, However in the current modern times it's honestly time to move on to a better RP, Such as FiveM. if this were 2014 I'd agree with you but in all honestly Gmod is just dying down more and more daily. The only thing people seem to want to play it for anymore is TTT, Star Wars RP, or DarkRP. Perp/QIGRP/Lifestyle lived its live and needs to be allowed to sleep.

          ♥ Heroes Never Die ♥