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  • My apologies

    Brian, Frank, Andy, 9mm,and delta:
    1.i Apologize for making excuses and not owning up to my actions and all around being a dick.
    2.i Apologize for using an alternate account, and i apology for trying to make excuses for using the alternate account,furthermore i was trying to get out of trouble and i apologize.
    3.i Apologize for revenge c4ing a personal that rdmed me.
    4.i Apologize for the trouble i have caused in this community by breaking rules.
    5.i'm already mature i just used to fuck around a lot and when i got board i would minge but that will change.
    6.i plan on role playing like a normal person i'm most likely going to change my name outfit as i sound a little different and i wanna start new.
    7. i already know how to play lifestyle but like i said i want to make a change and i'm sorry for my mistakes.
    i wanna make a change and i really apologize for being a pain in your ass,i thank you for the offer of appealing my ban and this whole situation will not happen again and i have a deal..If i do anything major bad for ex. throwing a Molotov at the beach,feel free to ban me and do not give me another chance(all of this during the 1st thru 2nd the month of my unban,but id like to include my apologies for the other people it affected for example Cameron,Albert,Kash,victor,Aaron,and many more..i'm sorry.

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    On my behalf, I accept your apology and can't wait to see you and more people on Lifestyle again!


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      Lol didn't really affect me but okay, apology accepted.


      • joshbillings
        joshbillings commented
        Editing a comment
        I know I just was a little bit of a minge and was naming people that I had done something to in the past even if it was minor.

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      I would accept the apology...buuuut my inner grammar nazi is going beserk AAAAAAAAAAAAA

      forreal just make an appeal when the server gets undead-ded and the outcome may be good


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        time to make another appeal its been a monthhhhhh