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  • Police CAD System Tutorial

    QIGRP's SauceCAD Police Dispatch System

    This tutorial will cover the basic installation and account creation for SauceCAD. SauceCAD is QIG's custom police dispatch, MDT, and records database system for QIGRP.

    1. DOWNLOAD: Download the latest version from HERE. Note: This is a temporary download link until further updates are pushed!
    (LAST UPDATE 2/8/18)

    2. SAVE: Once you have downloaded the program, you may save it to your desktop or other preferred directory.

    3. CREATE ACCOUNT: Next, open up the program and select Create Account.

    4. APPROVAL: Once you have created an account and selected an account type, your account will have to be approved by an admin.

    5. LOGIN: Once your account is approved, on the main menu enter your Username and Password along with the Unit Number you have been assigned (Ex: A-10). Then click sign in.

    6. STATUS: Here you can change your status, view other online units, add records, search records, etc.

    7. ADD TO STEAM: Open up steam, go to library, and at the bottom left corner select Add A Game > Non-steam game.

    8. ADD FIVEM: In the menu, scroll down and select FiveM > Add selected Program.

    9. PROPERTIES: Now in your steam library, right click on FiveM and select Properties.

    10. LAUNCH OPTIONS: Now select set launch options > enter "-windowed -borderless" without the quotes

    11. LAUNCH FIVEM: From here you are good to go! You MUST launch FiveM from steam in order to use the CAD system overlay!

    Controls: In-game Press F4 to toggle the police view on or off. F9 will also work as a global hotkey for the panic button.
    The other controls can be used by clicking on them, or by pressing the corresponding function key.

    Your FTO (Field Training Officer) will train you on how to use the Police MDT and/or Dispatch system during your training session.
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    Updated 2/8/2018

    Police CAD now force changes to the status panel when a incoming call is received.

    Police CAD voice speaker now also states the call priority (Code 1,2,3) on an incoming call

    UI Updates for all the police and dispatch status buttons

    Added mechanic request calls to dispatcher UI

    Fixed bug where dispatch "Add unit to call" list would be blank

    Fixed bug where adding a note would close the current call

    Police and Dispatch UI situation and location text boxes resized

    Cleaned up the Dispatch call viewer UI

    Created new "Edit Record" system for dispatch and police. New menu to edit the selected record from the lookup menu. Here you can add in a plate or name to the record if one was not on before.

    Allowed dispatch and police to remove records.

    Added new record type Warrant.

    Updated the sign in page UI and added a hide/show password option.

    Added version checker when signing in. If your version is not the latest, it will ask you to update > open browser to download latest version

    Fixed bug on dispatch and police UI where saying no on code 4 question would still close the call.

    Added SauceCad Icon(s)

    Created new warrant system!

    Created new warrant UI. Here you can view current warrants, edit them, and remove them.

    Dispatch F5 key now works as a global hotkey to toggle the overlay.

    Dispatch Keys F1, F2, F3, F4, F6, F7, and F8 now work as local hotkeys to toggle the windows quicker.
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